We’re here!

And we’re pooped!  We arrived in Sierra Vista on Sunday at about 11:30 and by the time we unpacked the cars, set up our air mattress and got the pups settled in, we probably went to bed around 1:30.  Brian started the trip out with a cold, I ended it by catching it and Zoe was car sick the whole time, so by Monday morning we were all pretty exhausted.   But we made it here without major incident and we even got to visit our good friend Chris Winter (and the Winters’ pup Abby!) in Las Vegas on our last night of the road trip.  We had dinner at his house while the three pups played and we met for breakfast the next morning.  Chris had moved down to LA at the end of the summer for a new job after the Army and his wife Liz will be moving down there as well in the next few months so it was really great to be able to see him on our trip!  Other than that we are just settling in.  I actually really like the set-up of my home office and the air mattress isn’t that bad – just can’t wait to have our pots and pans back so we can do some cooking!  I promise the updates will be a little more exciting from here – just wanted to let everyone know we arrived 🙂 

Check out some of our pics from the trip (I warned you about the puppies!)    

lizflannery’s photostream on Flickr.


We’re Off!

We’re on our way! We left Olympia at about 1pm today (three hours later than we thought). The car was over-packed, Zoe and Charlie don’t like staying in the back and we were running late – but we are on the road! More updates to come!