Aloha Here We Come!

A Moving Update

The news is out – as most of you probably know by now, we will be moving to Oahu, Hawaii early this fall. While they have never been to the state (or a real, non-PNW beach for that matter) Charlie and Zoe are pretty pumped about the move and wanted to share what they are most looking forward to – so we made a family list of what we each think our favorite parts of Hawaii will be:

Charlie says he will most like swimming at the beach, the waves, getting a shaved haircut just like Zoe, finding a new dog park, sniffing a new house, and more sandals to chew. He is not looking forward to the plane ride and is sad fewer socks will be worn and dirty for chewing.

Zoe thinks she will be afraid of the water and the waves but is excited to dig in the sand and go on new hikes with mom and dad. She is also looking forward to pottying on grass again (there is no grass in AZ).

Brian says BEACH. Then added Mojitos on the beach, a crossfit gym to go to again, possible crossfit on the beach and the beach again.

Liz – I’m looking forward to living in a house again (hopefully!), beach days, lots of yoga studios, hiking and LOTS of visitors.

Anyone have any exciting beach trips coming up this summer?





Arizona Firsts – Our first AZ Hike; Charlie’s first hike

Back in Feb we had a beautiful saturday – 70, not too windy for AZ and SUNNY – it felt like a day in the middle of August in the PNW – we were psyched! We had originally had an 11 am training session for Charlie and Zoe, but it was cancelled due to double-booking so we were up, dressed, ready to go with a gorgeous day and lots of time – perfect scenario for a hike. We grabbed some breakfast, Brian did some planning and I grabbed some lunch fixings, we packed and were off.

Brian got some great hikes in over the summer but this was my first hike in AZ, Brian’s first hike with either dog and Charlie’s first hike EVER – it was awesome! Since we moved to AZ I have craved trees. I miss green. I miss lush rainforest walks. I miss water. Now, there wasn’t much green (almost none) but we were definitely in the woods – with plant life reaching towards the sky and underbrush and leaves – I can’t really explain how happy it made me.

We hiked the Lower Huachuca Canyon Trail – we started at an elevation of about 5,000 ft and got to an elevation of almost 7,500 ft – it was three miles out and three miles back but most of the elevation happened in a 1.9 mile stretch. We were aiming for Huachuca Peak but didn’t quite make it to the top because while we got an early start, our preparations kind of took a long time and I’m out of shape so I slowed us down πŸ™‚ The view was breathtaking (the pictures don’t do it justice) and we even saw a prickly pear (but didn’t get a picture)

The dogs did great, the view was amazing and we were doing one of our favorite things together as a family – a perfect day.







A Little Oly in Sierra Vista

A Little Oly in Sierra Vista

One of the best parts of living in Washington was being so close to Art & Sally and being able to visit them often (although not as often as we would have liked!) and by visiting I mean eating Sally’s cooking. Sally is an amazing cook and if you haven’t heard me gush before, she is kind of my cooking idol. She doesn’t fuss over her recipes but seems to effortlessly put her means together casually and without rush – the proportions are always just right. Meals at 1702 East 9th taste like you are eating at an amazing restaurant but they still leave you feeling healthy (although sometimes you may have gotten too many seconds because it was just SO GOOD). We miss Sally’s cooking. (Art & Sally – we miss you too – and Ms. B!).

This week, Sally was kind enough to send us the recipe for one of our favorite meals we have been craving – involtini. I was a little nervous that my version wouldn’t come out the same and it also takes a while to prepare, so I saved it for this weekend. On Saturday we got a little distracted by the nice weather, a trip to Tucson and some great time with the pups at the dog park – it was on the late side when we finally got home. I almost decided to scrap it and get take-out, but I stuck with the plan and was SO glad I did when the meal was finally complete. I have to say, I think it came out pretty on-par – Brian agreed, but he could have just been being nice.

Involtini is basically grilled slices of eggplant stuffed with a mixture of feta, lemon juice, pine nuts, parsley & raisins with crushed tomatoes and motzarealla on top & baked. Eggplant is more photo-worthy when raw, but I photo-documented anyways and our Oly-inspired Saturday night is below, for your viewing pleasure πŸ™‚

If you have some time on your hands, I obviously HIGHLY recommend this meal. Thanks Sal!