Arizona Firsts – Our first AZ Hike; Charlie’s first hike

Back in Feb we had a beautiful saturday – 70, not too windy for AZ and SUNNY – it felt like a day in the middle of August in the PNW – we were psyched! We had originally had an 11 am training session for Charlie and Zoe, but it was cancelled due to double-booking so we were up, dressed, ready to go with a gorgeous day and lots of time – perfect scenario for a hike. We grabbed some breakfast, Brian did some planning and I grabbed some lunch fixings, we packed and were off.

Brian got some great hikes in over the summer but this was my first hike in AZ, Brian’s first hike with either dog and Charlie’s first hike EVER – it was awesome! Since we moved to AZ I have craved trees. I miss green. I miss lush rainforest walks. I miss water. Now, there wasn’t much green (almost none) but we were definitely in the woods – with plant life reaching towards the sky and underbrush and leaves – I can’t really explain how happy it made me.

We hiked the Lower Huachuca Canyon Trail – we started at an elevation of about 5,000 ft and got to an elevation of almost 7,500 ft – it was three miles out and three miles back but most of the elevation happened in a 1.9 mile stretch. We were aiming for Huachuca Peak but didn’t quite make it to the top because while we got an early start, our preparations kind of took a long time and I’m out of shape so I slowed us down πŸ™‚ The view was breathtaking (the pictures don’t do it justice) and we even saw a prickly pear (but didn’t get a picture)

The dogs did great, the view was amazing and we were doing one of our favorite things together as a family – a perfect day.








Happy New Year and Other Way Outdated News

Yes, Its pretty much Valentine’s Day and I’m still on New Years – catching our breath after a long trip home followed by getting sick, followed by lots of travel for work – as usual.

I hate New Years Eve (too much hype for one night – although this year we did get to rock out on a Boat with Rosie and Demas!) – but I always seem to love the idea of New Year’s and New Year’s resolutions – so much promise and excitement – a new slate like the start of a new school year.

For our part our resolutions were fairly mundane – less TV, earlier bedtimes, better dinners, etc. (I should probably add WRITE BLOG POSTS) – but I think we have done a fairly good job of sticking to them so far. With all of the transition we do, its sometimes hard to stick to a normal schedule and get the sleep we need to be a functioning household, so I’m pretty pleased with our schedule lately. I also have to say that the combination of going to bed early for Brian’s job, living in a time zone an hour ahead of my job’s and having 0 commute has resulted in me getting the most sleep I have ever gotten in my adult life. I may even try to give up caffeine – but probably not.

January and the first 1/2 of February have also brought us the following:

Charlie has lost almost all of his baby teeth and started puppy training at the Arizona Doggy Dude Ranch – if you are interested in what its like you can see the website here – there is a picture of our trainer with Caesar Milan!

Brian has started his class and is back on a semi-normal schedule but still gets home at 5 or earlier every day

I have traveled to and from WA for work and am now on my way to Boston for our National conference – and staying a week longer to visit everyone!

70+ degree and sunny weather – tee-shirts in February? I may love New England and the PNW, but I’m not complaining! We also just did our first AZ hike – but more on that in a later post.

How has 2012 been for everyone so far? Pretty much the normal for us, but I wanted to bring everyone up to speed due to our lack of posts πŸ™‚ Anyone want to share resolutions?