A Blog is Born

When Brian and I embarked on our move out to Washington in 2008 we were excited to experience a new state, be close to Arthur and Sally and to undertake a new challenge, but mostly we were sad to leave Boston – New England – Home.  We were 100% sure that in 3 short years we would be right back to Boston, the city we love, and surrounded by all of our friends and family.  Saying goodbye wasn’t quite as hard because we saw it as more of a “see you later” – we thought that before we knew it, we would be living within driving distance of all our nearest and dearest – close enough for get-togethers, weekly visits, dinner parties, etc. etc.

Well, 3½ years later we are still in Washington – soon to be in Arizona and hoping to be in Washington again in six months.  Along the way, we have grown to love it out here, career paths have changed and we decided to stay in the Army longer than planned.   New England is still in our long term plans, but for the next few years at least, we know we will be far away.  What we have also learned over the last several years is that when you can’t have impromptu get-togethers, quick cookouts or drop-in visits, it’s all the more important to keep in touch in other ways.  We also miss being able to share everything we love about it out here with all of you.  So, we decided to start this blog to document our time away from home – to capture for you all the home we are making away from home.  We hope it will be another way we can stay in more frequent touch.

And, I have to confess, there is another reason for blogging.  Through my job, I’m immersed in social media every day.  I write and edit blogs for other people.  I’ve had blog lust for a long time.  I’ve spent many moments (hours) daydreaming about what I could blog about, but I just couldn’t find that hook… So when this idea first came up, it seemed like a perfect excuse fit.  If you are interested enough in our everyday life to keep reading, thank you for indulging me.  I hope you like puppies and food – that is probably what you will mostly find here.

In just over a week, we will hit the road for Arizona and hopefully – wifi permitting – we will be able to track our progress here!  So we hope you join us and happy reading!