Happy New Year and Other Way Outdated News

Yes, Its pretty much Valentine’s Day and I’m still on New Years – catching our breath after a long trip home followed by getting sick, followed by lots of travel for work – as usual.

I hate New Years Eve (too much hype for one night – although this year we did get to rock out on a Boat with Rosie and Demas!) – but I always seem to love the idea of New Year’s and New Year’s resolutions – so much promise and excitement – a new slate like the start of a new school year.

For our part our resolutions were fairly mundane – less TV, earlier bedtimes, better dinners, etc. (I should probably add WRITE BLOG POSTS) – but I think we have done a fairly good job of sticking to them so far. With all of the transition we do, its sometimes hard to stick to a normal schedule and get the sleep we need to be a functioning household, so I’m pretty pleased with our schedule lately. I also have to say that the combination of going to bed early for Brian’s job, living in a time zone an hour ahead of my job’s and having 0 commute has resulted in me getting the most sleep I have ever gotten in my adult life. I may even try to give up caffeine – but probably not.

January and the first 1/2 of February have also brought us the following:

Charlie has lost almost all of his baby teeth and started puppy training at the Arizona Doggy Dude Ranch – if you are interested in what its like you can see the website here http://www.azdoggyduderanch.com/ – there is a picture of our trainer with Caesar Milan!

Brian has started his class and is back on a semi-normal schedule but still gets home at 5 or earlier every day

I have traveled to and from WA for work and am now on my way to Boston for our National conference – and staying a week longer to visit everyone!

70+ degree and sunny weather – tee-shirts in February? I may love New England and the PNW, but I’m not complaining! We also just did our first AZ hike – but more on that in a later post.

How has 2012 been for everyone so far? Pretty much the normal for us, but I wanted to bring everyone up to speed due to our lack of posts 🙂 Anyone want to share resolutions?